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welcome to bharris Art!

the drawings you will see on this website are focused on what is, in my opinion, may be the most naturally elegant form of artistic expression:  pen & ink.

it is my feeling that, not only in its elegance, but also in its timelessness, the pen is a beautiful way of capturing the essence of all things architectural.  in a world abound with color, i hope you will see that the pen, when properly applied (as i hope is the case in my drawings) has a uniquely understated power as an instrument of expression -- and can be "colorful" in its own right.

i hope you enjoy your time spent on my website.  please do not hesitate to contact me (call or text 504-252-8116 or e-mail with any questions or comments you might have about my work -- be it the work you see or the possibility of having custom work done.